(EU TANK) have adopted the with-committee system, allowing the supervisory directors control function should be separated from business executives execution functions. Officials Implementation and execution of business in accordance with the request of the Board of Directors. The content of this business execution is subject to the Board of Directors and the audit by the Audit Committee oversight, thereby increasing the effectiveness, validity, legality and validity of management. The Board of Directors is composed of four independent directors, who are very independent and do not have significant business relations with the company. Most of the directors are non-executive employees.

There are three committees in the composition of the Nomination Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee which is headed by the Board of Directors. Although the law requires only that no senior officials perform their duties on the Audit Committee, EU TANK have introduced a system in which its executive officers shall not serve on any of these committees in order to ensure greater transparency.

Corporate structure: the officials appointed by the Board of Directors for the execution of business operations. The Board of Directors appoints the company’s officers and selects the representative executive officer and president, and other officials in responsible positions, among these employees. Division executive duties determined by the Board of Directors. The representative of the Executive Director and the President and other officers of Implementation and execute instructions of the Board. Issues of paramount importance for the group management are discussed and determined by the Board of Management and the body established to provide support to the representative of the Executive Director and the President in his or her ability to make decisions.

Operation The Board of Directors: the recognition of the importance of providing information to outside directors. In principle, the Board meets once a month. Board members receive advance briefings on agenda items, in order to facilitate lively discussions at Board meetings. In particular, explanation of important management decisions are provided to the appropriate officials. In the living room configuration changes at each meeting of the Council, with the exception of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the President, seeking to encourage interaction between members of the council and revitalize production.


“EU TANK” Tank Farm and Logistics is engaged in the business of Oil Products storage, via our vast Storage Tank Farms within Neltherland linkable terminals, terminals in Rotterdam, and Oil tanker ships along the inland waterways and coastal seas of European Europe.

Our company offices are located in Rotterdam, with large operations in the Baltic Sea and all terminals in Rotterdam and Houston via our joint terminal venture storage companies in Rotterdam and Houston ports.
Our Company has all necessary licenses of the Transport Ministry Department of Sea and River Transport of Neltherland europe to carry out its activity either on Neltherland inland waterways or at sea and foreign sea ports.

The main activities of «EU TANK» Tank Farm and Logistics Storage of Petroleum Products,